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WordPress Security

Can I be hacked?

YES!  And it’s easier than ever these days.

Your website is your online asset, and it is the calling card to the world that defines your company. Online security has never been so important in the internet game, and we strive to protect that asset and keep it as safe as we possibly can.

 Due to the nature of the programming language it’s  built in, WordPress requires CONSTANT updates for protection from exploits, which essentially are viruses, attacks, and hackers. We have recently developed a monitoring system so that we can be alerted of any security threats to your website.

How does this monitor your site?

  • Includes weekly scans for possible exploits

  • Emails sent to us by the server if there is any suspicious activity

  • Two-factor authentication to gain entry to your site

  • Offsite backups of your website

  • Placement of your site on a security dashboard

  • Many other tools for preventative measures

The WordPress and plugin monitoring is essentially a preventative system to have in place for us to monitor, upgrade and fix anything that breaks or has an issue due to our maintaining the WordPress/plugin platform.

It’s not totally automated, so we do spend time dedicated to maintaining the health of each site. Ten years ago, this was not an issue. Today, it’s like everything else on the internet where you have to protect your online interaction from the internet “bandits” who work so hard at trying to make our lives difficult!